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2019 Tutor of the Year

I am a qualified, registered teacher with a degree in psychology.  In addition to this, I have over 18 years teaching and tutoring experience.

I seek to work collaboratively with students, their families and schools to achieve academic goals.

For the last 5 years I have had the pleasure of teaching students for Ronald MacDonald Charities, Fiona Stanley Hospital and Perth Children's Hospital.

I also have private students from a range of schools including CBC, John Curtin College of the Arts, MLC, PLC, Perth Modern and Shenton College.

Most recently I have also begun offering my tutoring services to secondary and tertiary Psychology students.

My Qualifications:

BA (English)

GradDipEd (Primary)

GradDipSci (Psychology)

GradCertCoun (Child, Youth and Family Counselling)

Honours Candidate (Psychology)



Students have differing abilities and I am dedicated to finding the pathway that best suits their developmental level, learning style and academic needs.  

The ultimate goal for a student is to feel confident in their abilities. This is an important gateway to success, as it helps nurture an openness to new learning experiences.  With this in mind,  I plan my lessons in such a way that they are both challenging and achievable.​

As a team we can identify some key learning areas to focus on over the course of the term. I will provide you with regular verbal updates as well as a Student Learning Programme/Report at the end of the term.

Learn more about the services I provide below, and let me know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

  • Please Note: I take on a limited number of private students per term to ensure my students receive the individual attention and focus they require.​​

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Years 2 - 9

Numeracy Specialist offering your child individualised programs for their specific requirements in numeracy. 

There is a magic formula for liking, if not loving, maths, and it starts with  recognising and valuing a student's own problem solving strategies. 

In addition to this, the one on one time I have with a student is the most efficient way to identify areas of concern and spend the necessary time required to allow those "light bulb" moments to occur. 


Years 2 - 9

Literacy Specialist offering your child individualised programs for their specific requirements in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating.
High quality  communication involves important practical skills and the development of a student's awareness of their own, and others', experiences and responses to the world around them. 
During my time with a student I will focus on breaking down the practical components to great literacy, whilst encouraging the emotional engagement and enjoyment of language.


Secondary and Tertiary

I am currently writing my Honours thesis in Psychological Science at the University of Western Australia.  As a teacher and psychology student I can offer assistance to both secondary and tertiary students.  I provide guidance and support in the preparation and writing of research proposals, essays and lab reports; including editing and correct APA formatting.

Let's chat to discuss rates for assignment guidance and support.


Alison Monsoon

Awarded 2019 Tutor of the Year

"Alison is an asset to the Ronald McDonald Learning Program and epitomises the type of person we hope to have representing the Learning Program and RHMC.   Her outstanding dedication is reflected in every task she has undertaken this year.  Alison has nurtured special relationships with her students, their families and the staff here at RMH. Alison's students are receiving the utmost care due to her caring, sensitive and warm nature, as well as the highest quality educational assistance."

Stephanie Ball - Ronald MacDonald Learning Program Co-ordinator

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From the Source

Hi Alison, thanks so much for your first session with E.  She came home from school with the hugest smile and said her time with you was great!  Thanks so much!

Parent - Shenton College - 2019

Thanks so much Alison for all your work with E - it is very much appreciated and has been very helpful. 
E has been particularly pleased with learning some spelling strategies starting back from year 1 words and working forwards. This helps her to master lots of things she has missed over the years due to illness.
She has also benefited greatly from the essay and writing planning sessions, learning how to structure her writing and she is now more confident with writing tasks.

Parent - Methodist Ladies College - 2019

Thank you Alison for the great learning journey for G. She enjoys and is always excited to have her class with you.

Parent - Oberthur Primary School - 2019

Ali was so helpful and kind! Really made me feel better about my work and myself as I've had bad experiences with tutors before, and she is great at explaining difficult concepts. Ali is more than worth the price with the amount of time and effort she put into helping me with my report, which I achieved a distinction on. Would highly recommend.

2nd Year Psychology Student - Swinburne University 2020



Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat:  9am - 6pm

Sun: 9am - 6pm

Maths, English and Psychology Tutoring

$100 - $120 PER HOUR​ (dependent on your location)

  • Tutoring in your home or local library. 

  • Contact me for further information about bookings, fees and locations I travel to.

Online Tutoring


  • Contact me for further information about bookings, fees and how online tutoring works.

Psychology Assignment Assistance  

  • Australia Wide

  • $120 for 1.5 hours of my time in total (remote assistance).

  • Contact me for further details. 

Please email me with any enquiries and questions. 






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